My Story

​​Hi, I'm Elizabeth. Let me be completely transparent, I started this journey of exploration and wanting something more in 2014 when I was feeling antsy and a bit bored. As I began this journey, I realized I was blindly following a set path. I needed to make some changes. I have learned so much about myself by doing some deep exploration to identify what it means to create a fulfilling and productive life.


I truly believe everybody deserves such a life and I can help you create what that means for you. The options are truly endless. It's only your imagination and willingness to explore that prevents you from creating the life you want.

I support busy women as they identify what's most important to them and use the power of choice so they can live the joyful and fulfilling life they create. I combine my productivity background with my passion for prioritizing what's most important in life through personal coaching, speaking events and workshops.


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Elizabeth Treccase

Life and Productivity Coach

a few fun facts about me

  • I’ve been in the same, fabulous book club since 2003 which has exposed me to all sorts of books I would never read otherwise but my tried and true favorites are still mystery and espionage.

  • For all you Forest Gump fans, I’m the Bubba of potatoes – never met one I didn’t like.

  • After 50 years of never taking a dance class, I tried belly dancing – what was I thinking?!?

  • I love sleeping, eating junk food and random walks with no real destination. Pretty perfect for a pandemic...

  • Whether a 15-minute drive or an 11-hour plane trip, you can always count on me to have snacks.

and now the formal stuff

I received my co-active coach training through Coaches Training Institute. Before I became a Life and Productivity Coach, I was an Organizing and Productivity Consultant for nine years. Prior to that I worked in the corporate world for 15 years as an operations director, project manager, programmer and administrator. I'm a mother of two young adults and I've lived the life of both a working and a stay-at-home mom.

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Elizabeth Treccase

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