What coaching will do for YOU!

Helping you identify your life priorities is what I do best. 

Ultimately, through our working together, you will

  • rediscover what brings you joy and make time for it

  • learn to trust your intuition 

  • make deliberate decisions as to how you spend your time

 You will never waste another minute doing something unintentional

Partnering with Elizabeth in coaching is right for you if

You are feeling stifled, overwhelmed or confused how to live your best life.

You want to sift through all the noise in life and identify your priorities.

You’re tired of being uncertain how you spend your time and energy and want a clear road map for your journey.

You’re busy but not accomplishing what’s most important to you and want to change that dynamic.

You’re ready to end your frustration with indecision and are serious about doing the work you know you’re meant to do.

You want your life to be more aligned with your authentic self and aren’t quite sure how to do that.

You want a life that honors your greatest gifts

You believe with the right coaching which includes supporting you in knowing and trusting your true self and your choices you can live the life you desire.

This coaching is not right for you if

You’re looking for advice, consulting or therapy.

You’re looking for a quick fix or checklist to make things better.

Even though you’re not as satisfied as you’d like to be, it’s worked thus far so you’ll just keep doing the same and hope it works out.

You believe that coaching might work for other people, but the same can’t happen for you.

You’re not ready to leverage help to be brave and change.

Are you ready to create the life you're meant to live?

Coaching Packages

All packages include personal one-on-one coaching, tools and exercises to identify what's most important to you. Packages start at $725.

Targeted Sessions

Targeted deep-dive sessions to identify your inner leader, inner critic and personal values. $200

Elizabeth Treccase

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