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More Time Isn't Always the Answer

I have come to the realization that some of the tasks I’ve put aside with the intent that I’ll do them when I have more time, still aren’t getting done. Hmmm, why is that?

I’ve started calling these tasks my mountains. I don’t really like mountains. Sure, they’re pretty to look at and all, but they’re not my favorite. I see them as hurdles…something in the way.

This is a lesson I learned, literally, the hard way. My husband and I have always enjoyed hiking. Not backpacking - just good, solid hikes. In the past, we packed a lunch and off we’d go.

Many moons ago, when we were younger and more niave, we set off for a hike in Pt. Reyes. Our plan was to hike out to the ocean, have lunch then return. Solid enough plan. It was early, weather was good, we were both young, strong and healthy.

We set off and had a lovely hike and enjoyed our lunch then prepared for our return. We started our return and there was a mountain between us and our car. OK, in fairness, it may have only been a hill because I honestly don’t technically know when a hill becomes a mountain. I do know that when I have to walk at an incline for any significant amount of time, I’m not happy.

I suggested we go around the very steep mountain in front of us. Why not, right? Wrong. OK, in fairness some of you may have already figured out this was not the best idea, but remember we were young and perhaps not entirely as aware as we should have been. Spoiler alert – we made it.

So off we went around the mountain. What we found is it takes significantly longer to go around than over. I know, duh. Sure, some of the time it was easier but eventually it was much harder. It started getting dark. We only knew we were on the path because we could feel the tall grass against our legs when we veered off the path. We honestly talked about being on the news as ‘found hikers’. We had no real provisions because it was supposed to just be a little day hike and this was before cellphones.

Don’t get hung up on all the things we did wrong…I know, we’ve learned. That’s not the point. The point is as I contemplate these tasks/projects (aka mountains) that I’ve set aside ‘until I have more time’ they remind me of this story (which substantiates the adage that the lessons you learn the hard way are more inclined to actually stick.)

What are your mountains? Perhaps you have bins of pictures you’ve intended to put in albums – when you have time. Maybe you want to start a regular exercise routine – when you have time. Maybe you have a closet to clean, paperwork to file, a course to design or fill in the blank – when you have time.

Some of you have that time now. If those mountains aren’t getting tackled, lack of time may not be the reason. Which means there’s something else in the way. Are you trying to go around the mountain? What is important about tackling that mountain?

The mountain (project) itself isn’t what’s important. The meaning you have given the mountain is important.

Whether you want tips for tackling the mountain or going around it, I’ve got you covered. I’ll be sharing tips on embracing where you are – a little productivity, some relaxation, self-care, fun and always some gratitude in my monthly newsletter. You can subscribe here.

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